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Somehow, every year it seems like olive harvest sneaks up on growers and millers alike. We offer a variety of olive harvesting equipment, olive oil milling equipment, and olive orchard care equipment at wholesale prices.

Olive Tree Pruning Equipment: As olive tree growers ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t. We offer pneumatic pruners, extension poles, and gas driven compressors.

Olive Harvesting Equipment: There’s nothing worse than the olives being ready to pick and your olive harvesting equipment not ready for prime time. We offer rotovibrational harvesters, evolution head harvesters, harvest netting, and more.

Equipment for the Olive Milling Hobbyist: We’ve consulted with hundreds of olive oil making hobbyists over the years. As a result, we’ve refined our equipment offerings down to what works best. We’ve even designed our own First Press, which includes everything you need to mill your own olive oil at home.

Commercial Olive Milling Equipment: The Olive Oil Source is the North American sales representative for Pieralisi, the #1 olive mill manufacturer in the world. As commercial millers ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to understand the pros and cons of the various pieces of machinery that make up small, medium, and large olive milling operations.

Milling Accessories: Everyone needs to accessorize, right? Fortunately, when it comes to olive milling, not too many accessories are necessary. We have found, however, that talc can be a huge help when milling certain types of olives, Mission and Manzanillo, for example, especially if they are overwatered or overripe.

Olive Oil Bottling Equipment: You’ve crafted your golden oil, now it’s time to share it with the world. From small bottlers, to hand pumps, to bottle drying racks, we sell only bottling equipment that we know works well.

Olive Oil Bottle Labeling: Your label is perhaps the most important feature of your branding. Its shape, readability, and originality coalesce to create shelf appeal, which you’ll need to stand out in the marketplace. We offer labelers for round, tapered, and wide body olive oil and vinegar bottles.