Bivasca (not for purchase online)

A lift conveyor with acid-proof rubber belt transports olives from the hopper to the washing machine. During the final part of the way, leaves are removed from the olives by a leaves remover equipped with special profile self-cleaning blades. In the hydropneumatic washing machine a bubbling air jet avoids olives coming in contact with metal and being crushed: an exclusive feature of Pieralisi washing machines.

After passing through a vibrating drip grid, the olives are gathered in a hopper and from here - by means of a screw elevator - are fed into the crusher where a hammer with heavy metal plates and a holed grid provide for the perfect breaking of the oil pockets and the carefully gauged crushing of the stones. Plates and grids are interchangeable. The pulp falls into the double basin kneader; homogeneous heating and helicoidal blades ensure perfect processing.


  • All the parts in contact with the pulp are made of stainless steel;
  • The kneader basins are made of stainless steel;
  • The centrifugal extractor and separator drums are made of hardened and tempered stainless steel with high mechanical resistance;
  • The centrifugal extractor screw is protected by a report of tungsten carbide facing;
  • All continuous modular plants can also operate in case of two-phase running system.

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