Fattoria F-2
SKU: CM-PR-Fatt2

Fattoria F-2 (not for purchase online)

The Fattoria line of mills is designed with the small commercial miller in mind. The F – 2 is an integrated continuous two or three phase mill with the capacity to mill 700 – 1,000 pounds of olives an hour. The mill includes an olive loading hopper and auger, a crusher, the Pieralisi Panorma paste viewing system, a double basin malaxer of two 700 pound basins with a hot water jacket, mono-pump to move paste from the malaxers to the centrifuge, a centrifugal two or three phase extractor, an oil collection tank and filter screen, an oil transfer pump, and a control panel. The oil can be run back through the centrifuge for clarification. Again, for larger capacity installations, the owner may wish to add a washing and de-leafing unit and a vertical separator at additional cost. Pricing always includes installation by a factory technician but does not include shipping from Italy.

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