Il Molinetto

Il Molinetto (not for purchase online)

The Il Molinetto is a compact commercial grade mill intended for the small producer. Although small, it is built to withstand the rigorous usage of any commercial mill installation. Rated with a capacity of 350 – 500 pounds an hour, the basic configuration of this machine includes an olive loading hopper, a crusher, a malaxer with a hot water jacket and electrical heating element to heat the water in the jacket, a thermostat and re-circulating pump, a centrifugal two phase extractor, an oil collection tank and filter screen, an oil transfer pump, a mono pump for paste discharge, and a control panel. This constitutes the basic configuration of the machine. If the mill is going to be used extensively, many owners opt to add washing and de-leafing units and/or a vertical centrifuge at additional cost. Pricing always includes installation by a factory technician but does not include shipping from Italy.

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