SPI Series

SPI Series (not for purchase online)

Setting of the oil level inside the bowl it is possible to decrease or increase the volume of the liquid, modifying consequently the staying time of husk and oil, depending on type, quality and conditions of the olives and on the quality of the outlet oil.

Setting of the scroll revolutions. It is possible to adjust the differential speed of the scroll, modifying the staying time of the husk inside the bowl, depending on type, quality and conditions of the olives.

The SPI series centrifugal extractors offer all the advantages of the other Pieralisi oil centrifuges, such as:

  • All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
  • All parts subject to wear and tear (such as scroll, inlet product diffuser and husk outlet bushings) are coated with wear-proof materials.
  • Soft starting by hydraulic coupling.
  • Electronic revolution counter for the bowl and the differential speed of the

  • Insulation from the ground by anti-vibration supports.

There are 4 different sizes available (SPI 111, 222, 333, and 444) with a processing capacity of 2,2 t/h for the SPI 111 to 10 t/h for the SPI 444.

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