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Guidelines for Creating Your Own Olive Oil or Vinegar Private Label Bottles Online
Whether you are interested in creating a line of delicious oil or vinegar for your retail store or promotional materials to market your brand, The Olive Oil Source makes it simple for you to create your very own Olive Oil or Vinegar Private Label Bottles, filled with your choice of high-quality olive oils or vinegars, and labeled with your own label or ours. view video
Our Do-It-Yourself product is easy and fun to use!

Here are the 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose a content from our extensive inventory of oils and vinegars.

  2. Choose a bottle:

    • 60ml clear glass Quadra Screw Top Bottle
    • 200ml clear glass Bellissima Bar Top Bottle
    • 200ml dark glass Bellissima Bar Top Bottle
    • 250ml clear glass Quadra Bar Top Bottle
    • 375ml dark glass Conica Bar Top Bottle
    • 500ml clear glass Quadra Bar Top Bottle

  3. Choose a shrinkwrap color for the bottle you chose.

    • Two shrinkwrap colors (mat black and mat gold) are available for the 60ml bottle.
    • Six shrinkwrap colors are available for all other bottles.

  4. Complete your order:

      a. Select the number of cases you wish to purchase.

        Minimum purchase is 3 cases (12 bottles per case)
        of the same oil or vinegar in the same kind of bottle.

        For special pricing for large orders (1 pallet of 100 cases or more), please call 805.688.1014.

      b. Select your label option:

      • No label

      • Have The Olive Oil Source apply your front and/or back label(s).

        Ship your ready-for-application labels via UPS or Fedex to us at the following address:

        1801 Fletcher Way, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

      • Add The Olive Oil Source label with or without a personalized message; we will apply the labels to your bottles. We will email a high resolution label to you for your approval prior to production.

  5. Make your purchase.

Consider ordering Premium Custom Labels for this product.

Production Timing

    Private label bottles without labels and those with personalized Olive Oil Source labels will be shipped in approximately one week. During the months of October through December, the timing increases to approximately two weeks.

    Private label bottles with your labels applied will be shipped within one week upon receipt of your labels. During the months of October through December, the timing increases to approximately two weeks.

Shipping Costs

    UPS shipping costs for large orders will be updated using a freight company. We will contact you with a freight quote as soon as possible. Please use the Comment field at Checkout to indicate if your address is considered residential or commercial and whether or not you have a fork-lift or loading dock at your shipping address. Once you have approved our freight quote, we will update your invoice and process payment as soon as the order is ready to ship.

Return Policy

    We cannot accept returns of any food items opened or unopened. If you are unsure of which oil or vinegar you would like to purchase, please consider ordering some of our samples.

Customer Assistance

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