Organic Carolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Carolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Carolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Olive Oil Source - Calabria Project

Our Carolea Organic extra virgin olive oil is the result of two companies working together to help small independent farmers continue to grow olives in the southern region of Italy, Calabria. Harvesting follows traditional methods and olives are milled by cold extraction in order to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil. From harvesting to processing, every step is carried out with care and precision. With a delicate olive taste, this oil represents the ideal organic olive oil for everyday enjoyment.

Chemical Characteristics
Acidity 0.3%
Peroxides 12.3 meg./kg.
Polyphenols 256 mg/kg
Testing Date 10/22/2020


Tasting Characteristics
Fruitiness Mild
Bitterness Moderate
Pungency Mild

Milled from 100% Organic Italian grown olives

Harvest Date: November 2019

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