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Densified Talc

Talcoliva® M10DT2 is a fine, high-purity, microcrystalline talc used to enhance the performance of olive oil extraction. Talc absorbs the emulsifiers in the olive, allowing the oil to separate and be recovered at lower temperatures and better quality. The product is now available in Imerys new Dispersible Talc (DT) form which allows for better dispersion in aqueous systems.

Talcoliva® M10DT2 is produced from a superior quality Montana mine in which asbestiform minerals have never been detected by the most sensitive methods. Talcoliva M10DT2 complies with OMRI manufacturing methods (no chemicals used, etc.), although it has not been submitted for OMRI approval.

Olive oil manufacturers report less airborne "dust" or talc particulate in the air with this densified version, compared to other talc powders. "Densified" means much of the air was removed from the product, so this makes sense. Current M10DT2 users say the densified version uses less product, in both lab testing and in the process itself. We suspect the improved dispersion properties of the densified product is helpful for this reported benefit.

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