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Molinova Tg

The MOLINOVA TG plant replacing the wellknown PANORAMA TG, combines the tested efficiency of the previous models with Pieralisi’s high technological innovation, able to solve all the problems of the farmer during both continuous and batch processing.

In the new kneading group, equipped with single independent modules, it is possible to add just one module, depending on customers’ needs.

A considerable energy saving each kneader is operated by an independent motor: in case of need, it is possible to start just the necessary modules, keeping the others off.

The heating of each single basin has been improved, therefore the waiting time for the set-up of the plant has been reduced.

Washing operations are easier thanks to the autonomy of each kneader; in addition, a special system enables the perfect cleaning of each kneader at the end of every single batch processing.


MOD 600

Installed power [kW]      0.75
Capacity [l]      600
Total length [mm]      2150
Total width [mm]      710
Total height [mm]      1420

MOD 800

Installed power [kW] 0,75
Capacity [l] 800
Total length [mm]      2650
Total width [mm]      710
Total height [mm]      1420

MOD 1000

Installed power [kW]      0,75
Capacity [l]      1000
Total length [mm]      3150
Total width [mm]      710
Total height [mm]      1420

MOD 1200

Installed power [kW]      0.75
Capacity [l]      1200
Total length [mm]      3150
Total width [mm]      710
Total height [mm]      1530

MOD 2000

Installed power [kW]      0.75
Capacity [l]      2000
Total length [mm]      3650
Total width [mm]      998
Total height [mm]      1960

The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.

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