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Pieralisi Mills

The Olive Oil Source is the North American sales representatives for Pieralisi, the #1 olive mill manufacturer in the world.  We are in the unique position of being olive millers ourselves as well as having extensive experience with building construction and renovation.  This puts us in a perfect position to provide field-tested advice.

When you begin to consider the purchase and installation of a mill, there are a number of criteria to consider. Prior to trying to price a mill, one should consider what the real purpose of the mill is, what capacity it needs to accommodate, what sort of oil is desired from it, what limitations will there be on it in terms of space, capacity, accessibility, government regulation, and waste disposal.

Very few mills are alike for a number of reasons. One of the biggest considerations is whether or not the mill is a showpiece intended to attract tourists and potential on site retail customers or, is the mill a plant utilized to produce the best oil possible with maximum efficiency? Is it some compromise between the two? Whatever the answer is, this should be thought through before considering what mill to purchase, as well as what type of building to put it in. Perhaps the most important consideration is what capacity you want the mill to have. This can be dictated by any number of factors such as the size of your orchard, the capacity of your community to provide business for custom milling, space limitations, and or government limitations. Whatever the parameters are, they should be established before you begin worrying about what specific equipment you will want in your plant. Once you have established what the purpose of your mill is and how much capacity it needs, you should begin to think about details such as whether it is to be a stone mill or a hammer mill, centrifuges or presses, and whether it is to be a two or three phase system if utilizing centrifuges.

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New versus Reconditioned

Most of the plants described below can also be purchased as reconditioned equipment. All of the reconditioned equipment from Pieralisi has been re-machined and refinished such that it is difficult to differentiate them from new equipment. The interface between the reconditioned equipment is new and one can expect to save in the vicinity of 30% off of the prices for the similar new equipment. If you are interested in this option, please contact us for availability.

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