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Customer Service


One of the basic principals of The Olive Oil Source is flexibility. We feel that the best service we can offer to our customers is to provide them with what they need and not require nor limit them to purchase everything from us. If they have a specific bottle they want to use that we don’t carry or want to label bottles themselves, fine. If for example, they have a direct tie to an E.V.O.O.

March 26, 2018

Opening an Olive Oil Tasting Bar or Store

Customer Service TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS Opening an olive oil store or tasting bar sounds like a romantic endeavor, yet it still requires thoroughly doing your homework up front. First and foremost, spend a lot of time reading The Olive Oil Source and learn about the products you intend to sell if you don’t already know them thoroughly. Find a good location that draws on idle tourists looking for something to spend money on, or a location where food-oriented customers are already shopping.