Cask 10 Balsamic Vinegar

Chef's Reserve Balsamic Vinegar

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Our Chef’s Reserve Balsamic vinegar is made from traditional Italian methods in producing a uniquely sweet and flavorful balsamic.  Our competitors offering this product often reference various trivial rating systems for this style of balsamic implying 18 or 25 years of aging. The honest and relevant measure is really density which is 1.28. Our Chef’s Reserve Balsamic vinegar is made from selected Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes. Using commercial production methods, high percentage Grape Must (cooked and concentrated) and aged vinegar undergo a slow and long maturation in oak barrels. The final product is a dense, sweet and sour taste with a fruity bouquet. This Reserve Balsamic vinegar’s color, density, acidity, and flavor profile is ideal for retail, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. Produced in Modena,Italy.

Density: 1.28

Gluten Free. GMO Free. May contain sulfites.

We cannot accept returns of any food items opened or unopened. If you are unsure of which oil or vinegar to purchase, please consider ordering a 60ml bottle to taste. If you would like to order several samples, please go to our Custom Samplers to save money.

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