Opening an Olive Oil Tasting Bar or Store

Open an Olive Oil Tasting Bar


Opening an olive oil store or tasting bar sounds like a romantic endeavor, yet it still requires thoroughly doing your homework up front.

  • First and foremost, spend a lot of time reading The Olive Oil Source and learn about the products you intend to sell if you don’t already know them thoroughly.

  • Find a good location that draws on idle tourists looking for something to spend money on, or a location where food-oriented customers are already shopping.

  • Identify a reliable supplier like The Olive Oil Source that focuses on quality, not quantity - as in the end, it is the quality of your product that will give you exclusivity.

  • Design a distinctive and original logo and label that make your products jump off the shelves, yet are still pleasing to the eye.

  • Once you have your general design ready, send it to The Olive Oil Source so we can produce your labels, modify the text for each of your products at a very low cost, and print your labels in small runs.

  • If you are going to have employees, educate them so their knowledge sells your product.

  • Select your product line, hunt down additional interesting gourmet products that set you apart, then open your doors.
What You Don’t Need: 1) A huge initial investment – think clean, attractive, organized; 2) A massive space – one of our most successful customers operates out of just 650 square feet; 3) A large inventory – start small with good product differentiation; 4) Exclusivity – your success depends on providing a quality product at a reasonable price with excellent service.