Can of Inert Gas

Can of Inert Gas

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Inert gas prevents oxidation by blanketing the surface of the oil and displacing the oxygen, unlike vacuum systems. It is completely safe and will not affect the flavor of olive oil. It is a great way to protect your olive oil in your fusti or any other container.

Private Preserve is the original inert gas, and has been used by wine and olive oil lovers worldwide since 1986.

Net Content 0.34 oz. (9.7g), which is enough for 120 full uses on 750ml bottles (wine bottle size).


  • Use each time you pour from the bottle or add product to or clean the fusti.
  • Put the tip of the extension tube inside the neck of the bottle or fusti against the glass or stainless steel. Tube use insures maximum protection.
  • Spray one long (1 sec.) and 4 short bursts into 750ml bottle or fusti. A larger bottles require additional sprays—add one long spray for each larger size.
  • Close the bottle or fusti immediately and store upright.

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