It's been a wild ride!

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Long ago and far away I was doing these blog posts pretty regularly, and then came mid-March 2020.  Covid 19 and all the chaos it brought with it really threw a wrench into the gears for us as I’m sure it did for just about every business out there.  It has been a remarkably time consuming event due to the uncertainties of what business was going to be like, incredibly varying levels of sales, fundamental changes in the way business was conducted, and of course the unavoidable regulatory elements that came with it.

Almost six months into it, things have stabilized although our business has changed.  Unexpectedly, one of the changes that occurred is that we now process orders faster than before.  The combination of necessary streamlining of processes during the depths of the slow down and now having to work on orders seven days a week to accommodate social distancing in the workplace has resulted in our order processing time being cut approximately in half.  Also, the products that seem to be most popular have changed.

Other non-Covid related changes have taken place too.  First, as you are probably aware by now, we have changed our wholesale website. We wanted to modernize it and make it more mobile friendly.    We are also working on being more flexible in our product offerings and one of the biggest changes we hope to implement is a much broader and variable array of extra virgin olive oils.  In addition to a new southern hemisphere oil, look for more single varietal oils to be available.

One of the side effects of rolling out the new website is that you will need to activate your account.  The email you received that may look a bit like spam is not spam, but is in fact needed to activate your existing account.  Of course alternatively, you can always just set up a new one.

Just as business seems to be getting back on a normal footing, I hope blog posts will too, but who knows what this fall will bring.  Look for a harvest update in the near future.

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