Fusti Care

Inside your fusti container is a large white-colored O-ring which should be fitted onto the lid with the flat surface facing outward (away from the lid). Always wash your fusti thoroughly between uses and allow it to completely dry before refilling. Inert gas sprayed on top of olive oil will prolong the oil’s life.

Cleaning procedures: Wash your stainless steel fusti (including lid, plug, spigot and rubber O-rings) thoroughly before use with hot water and baking soda. Do NOT use soap as it will leave behind unwanted residue. Remember to rinse well to avoid having any flavors left behind in your next use.

Spigot Installation: Apply plumbers Teflon tape to the threaded end of the spigot to avoid leakage. Reapply after each cleaning. Chrome spigots should have two differently sized O-rings, and stainless steel spigots should have one. These are provided for the spigot just in case you may find you need them. Each spigot has one O-ring already installed. If when you install the spigot onto the fusti and the spigot cannot be tightened and pointed downward, please add the extra O-ring so it can be poured properly.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at sales@oliveoilsource.com or call us at (805) 688-1014.